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Johnny "J" and his wife, Capucine Jackson, started KLOCK WORK Productions in Los Angeles in 1995 with the purpose of joining the growing number of independent production companies in the booming rap music industry era. From its humble beginnings, KLOCK WORK Productions grew into a major entertainment corporation known as KLOCK WORK Entertainment Corporation now in its 20th year. We've produced major artists, including 2Pac, Jon B., Bizzy Bone, K-Ci & JoJo, and Mark Wahlberg. We've also sold over 100 million records worldwide. Today, KLOCK WORK Entertainment is committed to upholding Johnny "J"s vision of being at the forefront of the music industry by catering to rising stars.

Tupac Shakur With Johnny ''J'' Coppe Cantrell 'Dance In the Dark' Single

Upcoming Events:
We will have upcoming events including releasing books, documentaries, feature films, and a three-part docu - series on Johnny "J"'s life. There will be Johnny "J" tracks for sale as well as new releases for Coppe Cantrell and other artist.

Look forward to a new album from Coppe Cantrell.

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